Lt/C Robert N. Smith, AP

609 752-2459


Ranking officer of the Squadron responsible to the membership, the District and to the national organization for all aspects of the Squadron’s functions. The Commander presides at all Squadron general membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings.


Lt/C Wanda A. Burson, S

239 777-1484


Responsible for the external functions of the Squadron. In the Commander’s absence, acts as Commander. Committees reporting to the XO are coop charting, safety, legislative, public relations, ways and means, supply officer and vessel safety checks.


Lt/C Steven W. Riley, S

612 616-7517


Responsible for all the internal functions of the Squadron, including boating activities, fleet and port captains, meetings and programs, membership and membership involvement and social functions.


P/C Tippy Cavanagh, SN

239 248-5815


Manages the Squadron’s Education Department. The SEO is a member of the District Education Department and serves as a liaison for information from District 22 and USPS.


Lt/C Meg Smith, P

609 752-2459

Records and keeps minutes of all meetings. Is in charge of keeping the records of the Squadron and its members up-to-date, publishing the Eagle’s Eye newsletter, the calling committee, and advertising.


Lt/C  Lindsay J. McFadden

239 228-5522


In charge of keeping the Squadron’s financial records, receives all monies, pays all bills and coordinates necessary state and federal tax filings.


Assistant Education Officer

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Administrative Officer

Assistant Secretary

Cooperative Charting Chair

Marketing/Communications Chair


Vessel Safety Check Co-chair

Vessel Safety Check Co-chair

Advanced Grades Chair

Public Boating Education Chair

Elective Courses Chair

Boating Activities Chair

Member Recruitment & Retention Chair

Operations Training Chair


Merit Mark Chair

Editor Eagle's Eye Newsletter

Safety Officer

Supply Officer

Sunshine Contact

Roster Contact

Webmaster & IT Contact

  1/Lt John Maciolek 732 496-4595

  1/Lt Robert Gloodt 

  1/Lt William Kreppein 

  1/Lt Mary Kreppein

  Lt Cliff Winings 636 233-3112

  Lt Ellen A. Filipiak 303 319-3196

  D/1st/L Gene Burson 239 945-1775

  Lt John Salotto 703 864-5528

  Lt Dan Marinelli 239 900-0299

  P/C James E. Olmes

  Lt/C John Maciolek 732 496-4595

  P/C Lee H. Harkness 

  P/C Rhonda Gloodt

  D/Lt/C Peggy Reiss 239 213-8686

  D/Lt/C Ted Reiss Jr.

  Lt/C Margaret Smith

  Lt Joseph Whiting 

  Lt Marcy Marinelli 240 606-1119

  Lt Edward Bauer

  Lt Susan Bauer 

  Lt Ann Marie Ryan 908 313-8357

  D/Lt/C Peggy Reiss 239 213-8686

  Lt Cliff Winings 239 394-2344