Seminars and Courses times are normally shown on Boating Course Page and Learning Center Schedule

Due to Covid all classroom courses are currently on hold.



Due to Covid most previously planned events have been cancelled.

Events listed below have not been cancelled.


11 Nov  Executive Board Meeting, via Zoom, 0900

11 Nov  Annual Membership Meeting via Zoom, 1700

17 Nov  Silver Tridents Breakfast, Hoots 0830

27 Nov  Captains Meeting, CJ's on the Bay


09 Dec  Executive Board Meeting, via Zoon, 0900

09 Dec  Zoom Holiday Party


 05 Jan  District 22 In-Person Winter Conference













  * Contact Lunch Chair, Sonya Benson, for restaurant reservations 414-617-5718  E-mail


Display ad, "Captain's Meeting, 'Meet & Greet', everyone welcome!, CJ's Gazebo Bar at thee Esplanade at 1700 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month


Display ad, "  'Hand, Knee & Foot' Card Game, Call: Lt Dorothy Harkness, S,, Easy to learn this fun game... nice to play while on cruises. Socialize with members of the squadron, give Dorothy a calll. 642-3575. We are not currently meeting to play cards. Also a picure of playing card joker.